MARS INTER-AGENT PRIVATE LIMITED works to act as financial consultants, management consultants, and provide advice, services, consultancy in various fields, general administrative, secretarial, commercial, financial legal, economic, labour, industrial, public relations, scientific, technical, direct and indirect taxation and other levies, statistical, accountancy, quality control and data processing and to take part in the formation, supervision or control of the business operations and any company or undertaking and for that purpose to act as an Issue House, Registrars and Share Transfer Agents, Secretaries, Financial Advisors or Technical Consultants or in any other capacity and to appoint and remunerate any directors, administrators or accountants or other experts or agents..

MARS INTER-AGENT PRIVATE LIMITED had its own terms to work upon and very strict towards rules and regulations. The Company doesn’t involve in the condition of any illegal work done or represented by any representative or its client or students. The work done here is according to the norms of the government for private limited company. No one is entitled to use our Name and other things related to Company for any disturbing element. Whatever work done here in the company should be legal in the eyes of law and rules made by the Owner itself. The Company doesn’t promote any illegal activities and those if found guilty breaking the rules shall be disturbed in the law of government. If anyone found misusing our company related data or document which in-sense going to harm the nature of the company, then he/she will be strictly dragged to the court of law.

MARS INTER-AGENT PRIVATE LIMITED does not tolerate any kind of misbehavior happening with our clients, employees and students by unrelated person or authority of India.

MARS INTER-AGENT PRIVATE LIMITED is not responsible for any kind of affairs between clients and staffs. If anyone claiming us and disturbing our environment then he/she shall be looked up by the court of law.